Reactive service

Collabaro enables you to create incident or service request records and record jobs against them. Collabaro can integrate with your fleet management solution to send Work Orders direct to vehicle-based SatNav devices, making life easier for technicians and also enabling real time travel status updates to be made available from a job record or dashboard. Technicians record the time that they start and complete work, any parts used (from a parts list) and the root cause and resolution status at the end of the job. If the overall issue isn’t resolved after a job, Collabaro automatically sets the status of the incident to ‘re-schedule’, for your service desk team to organise another technician site visit or remote intervention. For IP based system issues, rather than scheduling a job, Collabaro offers the option of assigning an incident to a pool of specialists who draw work from the pool when they are available. Incidents can be escalated to higher-skilled sets of technicians, if required. Client billing rates can be based on technician seniority. When an incident is resolved, an invoice can be automatically generated, using customer-specific billing rules, detailing all jobs undertaken and the associated parts & labour costs. Invoices can be posted directly from Collabaro to your accounting application.

Planned maintenance

Maintenance contract details are held in Collabaro & invoices generated monthly, quarterly or annually, as per the commercial agreement. All systems under cover have a record and reports confirm that each has been tested an appropriate number of times within the current contract period. The Collabaro mobile application allows technicians to record individual device-level tests & supports QR coding of devices. Combined with site visit times, detailed asset catalogue data can support smarter contract pricing by allowing the planned service time for a new site to be accurately estimated, based on times for sites with a similar number/mix of devices. A report listing sites with failed or temporarily disconnected devices is available to managers, providing a safeguard against failing to keep your customers systems’ compliant.

Customer portal

Customers can view records of their incidents & service requests to check the current status of each. Service performance indicators, such as % first-time-fix and % resolved within SLA, measured over selectable time periods, can be viewed on demand by your customers, providing confirmation that your team is delivering on it’s contractual promises.


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