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To grow and succeed, your service business needs to make smarter decisions, operationally & strategically, and you need the right performance data to do this. If you aren’t sure whether you have too many or too few technicians, or which customer contracts are producing the best return, & why, then it may be time to consider whether your software is capable of delivering the insight that you need.

Collabaro is a service management software solution, designed from the ground up to ensure that data flows seamlessly through your business, minimising back office administration, allowing you to break the link between your number of field technicians and the number of administrators required to support them. Collabaro can also help your business to align with the ITIL framework, a set of corporate & public sector best practices for delivering customer service.

Automated invoicing

Set invoicing rules for customers at site &/or system level. A ‘heartbeat’ background process applies these rules to time & parts data collected in the field, generating invoice lines. Produce consolidated invoices for larger customers with pre-invoice approval statements

Real-time KPIs

Track incident counts, first-time-fix rates, SLA met rates & the average days to attend & resolve incidents across technicians, depots, types of system etc, as they change over time. Evaluate technician utilisation and customer contract profit margins Use dashboards to maintain high levels of situational awareness.

Automated report production

Collabaro provides tools for designing report templates and data capture forms for mobile devices. Device test readings, notes and images captured on or offline in the field can be combined with these templates to create sophisticated reports for your customers, demonstrating that their systems are compliant

"Introducing Collabaro has given us a capability to critically analyse all areas of service performance and contract profitability; exactly what we needed to effectively manage the growth of the business"
James Twigg
CEO, Total Integrated Solutions


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