Collabaro is software for managing asset maintenance that enables immediate delivery of sophisticated inspection reports to the customer, saving administrative time and reducing delays in the authorisation of further work. Live progress information helps management to keep multi-asset, multi-technician projects on schedule and within budget With Collabaro, your team’s most important assets, knowledge & experience, are fully utilised. Real- time, remote collaboration allows a single expert to simultaneously support dozens of service technicians Our solutions are designed to co-ordinate complex inspection processes in the most challenging physical environments


Monitor work-in-progress, in real-time, with visual status alerts, enabling early management intervention when team productivity falls below expected levels. View spatially mapped asset locations along with supplementary geographical data such as nautical chart data or real-time weather information. Give your customers 24/7 access to asset maintenance histories through a secure, personalised online portal.

Form Builder

Build your own customised inspection forms for delivery to mobile devices – capture facts, photos & signatures for real-time transfer from the field to the back-office. Use diagrams to allow technicians to more precisely communicate damage location & extent. Forms can even be changed in real-time on devices out in the field – without the need to re-install software

Report Designer

Design sophisticated inspection reports for your customers, including photographs, annotated diagrams and algorithm-driven calculations – ready to send to the customer seconds after the work is completed


Easily integrate our tools with your ERP, CRM or finance system, using our REST API, creating powerful new business workflows.

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