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The marriage of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will revolutionise the way that assets are maintained. Our knowledge of the capabilities (and limitations) of disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT and UAVs can help you to understand the opportunities & threats that they pose to your business. We can work with you on proof-of-concept projects to demonstrate the benefits of investing in new technology-driven processes.

Remote Inspection

By 2025 there will be 75 billion devices, embedded in a range of machines and consumer goods, automatically passing information over the Internet to monitoring systems. This is the Internet of Things (IoT). Un-manned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or 'drones' will inspect assets with cameras and sensors. Traditional inspection visits by trained technicians will become increasingly rare as status data can be gathered faster, more reliably and cheaper using these technologies. Collabaro has been designed as a framework within which asset data from multiple sources can be collated into actionable intelligence.

Automated Diagnostics

Machine learning algorithms can be applied to historical data to create powerful models that can provide objective diagnoses and recommended next actions when applied to live data. This is Artificial Intelligence (AI) within a maintenance scenario. Collabaro provides a framework within which such models can be embedded, allowing them to be employed in a variety of automated maintenance workflows. We can work with you to design models that can augment or replace existing decision-making processes within your business.

Collabaro LiveLink™

Collabaro can provide a team of engineers with a ‘single version of the truth’ regarding the state of an asset by continually synchronising data as members of the team contribute new information. Traditional field worker management solutions rely on a mobile application updating a central database every few minutes, allowing other field workers to see this new information by re-requesting a record or refreshing a screen. Both field workers need a wide area network connection for this to work. Collabaro, using our in-house Persistent Connection technology, allows a data capture form to be completed by multiple, independent, workers simultaneously. When a field has data entered in it on one mobile device, the same field is completed on the devices of all collaborating workers, in near real-time, without the need for any refresh action. LiveLink prioritises data transfer, important when operating in marginal cellular coverage areas, by passing time-sensitive work orders from the central database to mobile workers before passing back typically high volumes of image data from mobile devices for central database storage. The mobile device holds a sub-set of the central database and LiveLink controls the replication process, providing granular control over the data held locally.

Peer-2-peer Connectivity

Critically, LiveLink is able to maintain Persistent Connection even when the team are operating in an environment with no Internet connected network. Designed to utilise Apple’s iOS MultipeerConnectivity feature set, LiveLink automatically switches to a robust peer-2-peer communication protocol that can use either a mobile wi-fi network, created on the fly by one or more of the teams’ mobile devices, or Bluetooth connectivity, to circulate information locally by creating a virtual daisy-chain of connected devices. Not only does this allow collaborative working in areas with no cellular access, such as off-shore or underground sites, it also provides a level of redundancy in data storage, protecting against data loss in the case of device failure. If the device at the end of the local network has Internet access, data from the team, that might have been captured in a coverage blackspot, will be transferred to the central database. LiveLink is able to take advantage of the enhanced Bluetooth 5.0 capability built into the latest Apple products, supporting direct communication between devices that are up to 200m apart.

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