Delivering compliance agility

Ensuring that your field workers follow compliance driven pre-use checks or risk assessments is now a critical management responsibility.

Once a procedure has been completed, a verifiable and accessible record of this fact needs to be retained.

Having a set of digital forms developed is only a partial solution. In an evolving legislative environment, the ability to be able to deliver new procedure forms or amend & extend existing forms in hours rather than weeks, is required.

Collabaro allows non-developers to create & edit forms for native mobile use (including use when there is no mobile signal available), using WYSIWYG design tools. The library of forms available to a field worker can be updated without the need for re-installation of software. Compliance forms can be blended with forms designed to record asset inspection information or details of work undertaken, to create rich, structured service processes.
Every Collabaro form has a supporting database structure created automatically, whilst version control provides an audit trail of every change made to the form contents and design.