GEV Wind Power are one of Europe’s leading independent service providers for wind turbine blade maintenance, undertaking thousands of inspections per year.

Their inspectors need to record a lot of information about each blade, under difficult environmental conditions, which then needs to be used to produce a professional inspection report for the customer. The time expended needs to be tracked for invoicing.
Collabaro worked to transform GEV’s process by developing a digital framework to manage the capture of inspection information in real-time and to automate the production of the reports and time-sheets.

The positive impact on GEV’s efficiency has been significant:

We quickly benefitted by speeding up the invoicing process but, more importantly, meeting our clients’ KPIs. One of the biggest wins was halving the time it takes to produce our reports. They are now perfect each time

GEV now have access to a sophisticated operational dashboard that shows them where their inspectors are (on a map), whether the work at each site is on-schedule or not and even the current weather conditions in which their teams are operating. Inspection data (including high-resolution images) can be viewed by experienced supervisors whilst the engineer is still on the blade and decisions about repairs made immediately. This reduces site time, benefiting both GEV and their customers. The project is entering a new phase, as we explore capture of UAV and sensor data and apply machine learning algorithms to the challenge of developing effective early intervention programs.